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Popular Question: Will Software Development Be Automated?


Will Software Development Be Automated?

Yes, it will become more automated as we’ve seen with farming, followed by the implementation of tools, and the production line, or robotics in manufacturing.

AI and Machine Learning Will Take Over More of the Grunt Work

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will take over and do more and more of the work more and more of the grunt work that’s currently done by the bulk of software developers.

And what’s important for you is to make sure that you work with a partner, with a technology consultant, with software developers, and software engineers and a team who can help you navigate the road you will have to go down to transition — from the way you work now to what it’s likely to become in the next 10 years or so.

Technology Tipping Point

Because what will happen in my opinion is that these incremental changes will happen, and then suddenly, they will tip. And I say that because I’ve seen that happen with other technologies over the last 20-30 years. And also, I can look back through history at other industries and you see that there comes a tipping point.

What is an example of a tipping point in technology?

Electric cars with Tesla are a great example. Everybody believed that it might never happen and now it’s real, very suddenly. And a lot of companies are scrambling to keep up, scrambling to learn about it, to find technology partners who are already engaged elsewhere. 

Work with someone who can help you smoothly transition into the future.

So, your challenge is to work with people who can help you get from where you are to where you’re going as smoothly as possible!

Jerome Rault

Jerome Rault

Cloud-based technology advisor, consultant, and investor. CEO Laneways Software & Digital
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