Custom Software Development Services To Deliver Highly Scalable Solutions

As a leading Australian software development company, we design scalable custom software solutions for forward-thinking businesses of all sizes to help increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

We build custom software to help run your business seamlessly

With a strong digital and technological background, we assist in growing businesses exponentially. We do this by building cloud-based bespoke software that is tailored to each client's unique goals, requirements, and workflow. Our core competency is to understand complex business problems and provide modern custom software development solutions.

This delivers reliable and flexible value-driven business growth.

Here at Laneways.Agency, our professional in-house development teams strive to make a difference for our clients and bring about positive change through the services we provide.

Digital Expertise Custom Software Development | Laneways.Agency

Our Digital Expertise

Great custom application solutions go beyond software development, website designs, mobile app development, or cloud computing. They also need to be reliable, adaptable, scalable, and secure, to satisfy your needs and make your complex tasks easier to accomplish. With a focus on quality and effectiveness, we work closely with our customers in identifying the vital needs of their business in order to determine the technological capabilities required to support their goals.

If you wish to develop Web APIs, build a mobile app, or enhance an existing system, our team can build custom software solutions for a wide range of applications. We make use of advanced technologies to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

Our development team offers optimal services through building bespoke software. This custom software development solution is readily available to satisfy your unique needs and make you more productive. It can be delivered at either fixed or flexible rates.

Custom CRM

Sustaining your customer data at one central place with utmost security is our priority. At Laneways.Agency, we build robust and reliable custom CRM software that can help you resolve scattered customer data issues, recurring errors, poor lead conversion, and low sales rates.

Our Custom CRM solution is highly flexible and mobile-friendly. It is tailored specifically to improve your customer service management, drive sales, and meet other unique business needs. With this, not only can you access customer data and address their demands, but also track and report analytics, convert visitors to buyers, and increase brand loyalty.

This can dramatically increase overall employee and customer satisfaction.

Cloud Computing

Take your business to the cloud with our cloud computing software solutions.

As Official Technical Partners of the world's leading cloud solutions provider Amazon Web Services (AWS), our development team provides excellent custom software support by assisting our clients in avoiding technical difficulties. Everything we build is designed to allow them to concentrate on their core duties so they can succeed in their day to day business operations.

With the use of our extensive cloud computing services on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform we can provide our customers with a huge range of APIs, as well as multiple data storage tools to both large and small companies.

Clients have access to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), which helps to eliminate operational technology complexity and save costs while adding powerful scalable and security features to your needs.

API & EPR - Our team designs user-friendly custom API and EPR software to help you streamline processes across manufacturing, services, procurement, finance, sales, and HR management. These fast cloud solution services are efficient tools that eliminate duplication of effort and enhance the user experience for your business.

As a top Australian software company we develop stable platforms to connect people, run algorithms, and manage data in ways that make the most sense for your business, without changing your existing systems.

Integrated Payment Solutions

Save time by accepting instant payments in your systems with Laneways.Exchange, our complete PCI DSS Compliant integrated payment solutions. With Laneways.Exchange, customers are allowed to pay at every touch-point with ease through flexible online payment methods such as EFTPOS, Direct Debit, BPAY and more - all compatible with any CRM.

Better still, depending on your type of business, you may want to investigate our secure Premium Funding solutions. Premium Funding gives you access to full payment upfront, whilst allowing approved customers to choose a way they would prefer to pay. This means you could have access to the complete funds right away, even if your customers decide to pay in instalments.

What's more, all payments, refunds and other function can be accessed via a simple dashboard.


1What is a custom developed software?

Custom-developed software, also known as bespoke software, is the development of software applications for businesses to address specific needs rather than using pre-made software with little flexibility. Custom-developed software includes Customer/Client Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, Cloud based solutions etc.

2Why is custom software developed?

Custom software is developed to give you and your business the exact solution it needs to enhance productivity, optimize costs, and proffer unique solutions to increase ROI. Every company has its intricacies that might not be appropriately addressed by the commercial software available in the market. Using custom software allows you to address all your needs without any compromise, which would not be possible if you decide to use commercial software.

3What are the pros of using custom software?

When it comes to using custom software development solutions, you can be sure that you are using software that is explicitly built with all the features that you need to grow your business. Some of the pros of custom software include:

  • It saves time
  • It can be very cost-effective
  • It can be more secure
  • It has a very high degree of flexibility
  • It can be easier to learn and use
  • It can be very reliable and help to scale your business
4How long does it take to have a custom software designed?

Developing Custom Software can be a long process if you have complex needs. Also, the development process of one project will vary from another depending on the type and complexity of the software that is being designed.

If you want your custom software developed sooner, contact us, let us know the deadline and we'll work on a delivery schedule and budget that works for you.

5What is the price for a custom software development?

At Laneways, we have two pricing models, which are the fixed pricing model and the flexible pricing model. With the fixed pricing model, you should be sure of what software you want to be designed. If you are not yeet 100% able to define and design the software you want, we can work with you to complete that vital step.

Also, with the fixed pricing model, making changes during development usually requires a formal change request and that might take a few days to a week or more (depending on the complexity of the project). With a flexible pricing model, you usually still start with defined ideas and designs on the type of software that you would like developed, but you can easily make changes during the software development process. Finally, it's worth noting that you could also have a mix of both models depending on what you want, or your project type.

6How do I determine the right software for my business?

The primary criteria in determining the right software for your business includes your app development features and business needs. Other determining factors might include cost, scalability, etc. However, if you are still unsure about what custom software development would be perfect for your business services, you can contact us and we would be happy to assist you in choosing the best software solution for your company.

Are you thinking about any software projects for your company? Our highly qualified software development team can assist you with the latest technology solutions.

All you need to do is simply contact us now!