Top-Level Custom CRM Development Services To Increase Your Business Productivity

Why custom CRM development? A custom CRM gives you more flexibility to add, remove, or modify features than off-the-shelf solutions. At Laneways.Agency, we provide top-level CRM development systems and software that functions according to your company's unique needs and expansion goals.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a solution or strategy that companies use to administer their interactions with their customers, as well as the analysis of each customer's attitude and behavior towards their products and services.

The main significance of CRM is customer data collection and its evaluation to further improve a company's strategies in getting and maintaining leads through customer service improvement.

What is Custom CRM?

Custom CRM is a software designed and built specifically for your company's CRM organization, flow, and strategy. Each business has a different set of strategies and processes in their CRM development and the way they operate their business.

Naturally then, it would be great for a company if they could develop Custom CRM software solutions. Custom CRM solutions and software development ensures data gathering and organization that is easier and more familiar to a business' style and how you strategize your CRM system.

Why is Custom CRM Development Important?

Customer Data is one of the most important parts of a business. Both current and potential customers are the essence of why your business exists. 

For your business to thrive, its main goals should be directed at how to have healthy relationships with its customers.

As a business grows, there will normally be more customers to manage and it is common that the customer service staff have less time to address each of their needs fully. 

Hence the need for a CRM strategy, for being consistent in having healthy customer relations and making each customer feel special.

It's fortunate for businesses today that technological solutions and advanced software development have made it possible to improve and sustain customer relationship management through better CRM software solutions. 

A custom CRM software development ensures that both a business and its customers achieve what they want. Custom CRM software development has proven itself to be incredibly effective in handling very large business' CRM solutions.

Telecom companies are a great example. Today, with the advent of Cloud Computing, most businesses can afford to develop Custom CRM Software solutions that meet their exact needs too.

Benefits of custom CRM software development on different customers and their needs

  • While all businesses strive to provide great service to all of their customers, customers can often be divided (using the 80/20 rule) into two groups: the 20% of most profitable customers and the 80% of less-profitable customers. It is more efficient to have different strategies implemented in your CRM for each set of customers. With custom CRM application development, a business can monitor their network of customers in real-time, accessing rich-data and charts to better understand and serve their customers based on metrics such as value, profitability, loyalty, repeat business, growth opportunities and more.
  • The fast and simple customer data analysis provided by off-the-shelf CRM solutions can be greatly improved by employing customized CRM application development. For example, the company could easily assign its employees to specific customers depending on the latter's requirements, temperament or value.
  • Having a great CRM software development leads to customer satisfaction, which leads to referrals and repeat purchases - which equals more profit for the business.
  • CRM systems, when correctly deployed, can help attract new customers. This may come from satisied customer referrals, better sales response times, better targeting of potential clients, integration with sales tools and social media networks etc. Custom CRM development services can amplify that by giving you the flexibility to do exactly what you want.
  • Custom CRM application development services include a high-level of privacy and security for you your customers. Since you are not using a shared CRM service, you data cannot be mined or used for aggregated data collection. Only you have control of who sees your information, helping to keep interactions between you and your customers protected.

Benefits of custom CRM software development on your business

  • Because of the tailored, efficient and seamless flow of a custom CRM system, your employees can become more far more productive. They are faced with less labor intensive, logical, intuitive workflows and don't need to sift through generic customer, Marketing, or leads data to identify trends for example.
  • CRM development custom solutions can help increase profits because the CRM system provides a lot of automation. The less work, the fewer employees hours spent on non-profit generating tasks = more profit.
  • It take less time to train employees in using the custom software because the CRM development is already based on the company's system.
  • Even if Custom CRM development is one of the prime movers of a business' data, built in the cloud it can be more affordable compared to other IT services and solutions.
  • It is up to the business how the custom application development will work best for them. The development company and its team are offering solutions and adapt to the business processes constantly.
  • Custom CRM software development can prove to be more cost-effective ongoing as there's none of the extra features that so often cause confusion and consternation for the user. In fact, each user can have a unique experience of (even the same) process based on how they work or their role for example.
  • CRM integration can be almost seamless. It adapts to the CRM system software that is being customized. That means that businesses can implement changes gradually and stealthily - often without anyone realising that they have adapted to a powerful new software with little to no training.
  • If there's a need to expand a CRM's functionality and features, having custom CRM solutions make it easy to do so. With cutom CRM solutions, the possibilities are infinite.

Improve Your Customer Data Through Custom CRM Development

Our core custom CRM development services are building software and websites that adapt to your business requirements and budget. We prioritize ease of navigation, mobile-friendliness, and intuitive access to information and data. We make sure that the CRM development services we offer are effective, can help you get more leads and improve your relationship with your existing customers.

We have worked with a diverse range of businesses, from healthcare to the arts and insurance. We have provided each of our clients with top-level CRM development systems and software that has helped them converge their customer data seamlessly. The development solutions we created for them resulted in the growth of their businesses, and we have the case studies to show it.

We are a top-rated development company. Certified by Best Firms and Clutch.

Top-notch CRM software developers

Our development team deploys SCRUM and AGILE methodology. Our team is experienced in the development of successful tailor-made CRM systems that helped achieve our clients' goals. Our team members receive constant updates and training related to CRM development custom solutions and cloud application development.

They are regularly praised by our clients for their outstanding commitment to implementing software in ways that benefits our client's businesses and their growth.

CRM Service Integration

For a smooth and seamless solution for your company and employees, as well as the best solutions for your customers, we integrate the following in our CRM customization:

Cloud-based CRM

Laneways.Agency offers cloud software processes to work with your CRM. Cloud applications ensure your CRM is easily accessible anytime, anywhere. They also make updates seamless to the user.

As your company grows, so will your Customer Data. Because of this exponential increase in data, combined with every evolving technologies, storing CRM data yourself (or any data for that matter) is no longer practical. That practice is even detrimental to your business due to the greater security risks.

In short, it's best to deploy a cloud-based CRM to assure your data expansion without problems.

Better still, the inherent scalability of cloud applications means they can integrate seamlessly with any newly-added features of your CRM.

In fact, as technology evolves and better solutions present themselves, you should have no problem implementing these into your system. This is because of the flexibility inherent in using cloud-based CRM.

We work with the best cloud solutions providers: Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Their names say it all. These providers have reliable data centers that guarantee data backup and recovery in the event of an accident, deletion, or other unavoidable problems.

Check out our service page for further details.


Laneways.Agency's services are delivered with the utmost transparency. We work closely with our clients and they receive updates as often as daily if they prefer. Furthermore, we use the SCRUM Framework in the development and maintenance of complex data. We make sure that our clients are part of the process (as much as they want to be) to ensure that our Custom CRM solutions fit your business like a glove.

Our pricing model is based on 'fair pay + fair margins'. This means that, despite our intense quality assurance processes, our clients can save a lot off their budgets.

A dedicated team

We have all the technical skills and experience in the development of CRM solutions, but we also pride ourselves on our outstanding work ethic and approachable team members.