Custom Application Development

Custom software development or custom application development is a software process. It includes the design, creation, integration, framing, and maintenance of software or app. Developers build software that is unique to a particular business.

Contrary to commercial off-the-shelf software, custom application development is custom-made for your business. Commercial software development has a broad set of elements. These elements are already packaged in itself.

Developers can distribute commercial software to businesses. Custom software development needs a more in-depth study. The developers dedicate a lot of time to analyze the needs of the business.

Creating it will ensure faster and reliable user experience. Users can perform important tasks on the applications with ease. All applications and software developed perform important tasks.

All businesses have different functions. There is a need to customize each of their software. There are distinct operations in every unique business.

They have specific requirements. It would only be successful if their software developers adapt to their needs.

There are a lot of advantages to choosing custom application development. Custom software development helps your teams and employees become more productive. This is because they would bombard themselves with cluttered data.

Developers build custom software to help customers use the application with ease.

Using commercial off-the-shelf software will make your business adapt to it. The applications are not well-tailored to the service and the business they are using. Your team will have a hard time using some features.

Custom Application Development Custom Application Development | LanewaysAgency

Our Trusted Developers Are Always Ready For All Your Development Needs Custom Application Development | LanewaysAgency

These features may not even relate to your business solutions. There are many cases wherein customers have a hard time using commercial software. They complain about bugs and errors in the applications.

They may be useless and hard to deal with.

Developing custom software may be expensive at first. The developers build them with great detail and attention. But it sure will benefit your business in the long run.

You may choose to hire an ongoing developer for the application. Or you may only avail of a custom-developed software at the beginning of the creation. You may choose a package without the continuing service of a developer.

But hiring an ongoing developer will benefit your business more. The project developer will offer continued maintenance, support, and solutions.

Nothing stays constant, especially in the digital world. Everything IT-related keeps on changing by the day. External uncontrollable factors like errors, heavier capacities, and other issues would always arise.

It is always better to apply custom applications. Add it with continuous help from your project developer.

What are the types of businesses that need custom software development? A business could undergo changes and issues over time. Those with more complex systems and databases should always choose custom development software. This is most especially if it is the ease of using their application or software that they're after.

An example of a business with a huge data set is insurance companies. Development custom software solutions would be beneficial to them. It would help in their client organization and applications.

Our Trusted Developers Are Always Ready For All Your Development Needs.

Laneways.Agency's CEO is Jerome Rault. He has been in the custom software development solutions for decades. He has been working magnificently in his career.

He helps businesses turn their problems into solutions. Every project that Laneways.Agency works with has his support.

Our custom software developers are well-trained and are up-to-date. They are knowledgable with the latest IT solutions in the world today. They always receiving training.

Tech leaders coach them when there is new technological development available.

The Laneways.Agency team has a great deal of experience in software development services.

Our Trusted Developers Are Always Ready For All Your Development Need Custom Application Development | LanewaysAgency

Every project has helped many of our clients. These make them some of the best in their field of expertise. They will help you reach your business goals.

Our development team has great technical skills. But they also pride themselves on their superb work ethic and integrity.

Our Key Services

Our Key Services Custom Application Development | LanewaysAgency

We custom develop your business software and application with the following services:

Custom CRM

Custom CRM relates to the relationship management between your business, employees, and customers. It also includes email integration, sales calls, project feedback, documents, and email marketing. These data are all organized in one interface. CRM could help your business follow through your main goals and prospects.

We build detailed custom CRM that caters to the requirements of your business. We make sure that it can fit your budget.

Our dedicated team will ensure that your CRM's data flow is seamless. We will make it work to be well-suited for your customers' needs. This could lead to more customer satisfaction.

We guarantee that the website and software we create are easy to use.

Cloud Computing

We build cloud engines. Cloud engines are software that grabs data and information from old systems. Cloud engines would then transfer them into a new one.

We are proud to be in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). They the world's number one cloud solutions provider.

Being the best in the world, AWS has it all. They have conclusive and expansive cloud computing platforms and APIs tailor-made for businesses. They are also scaled for a prepaid basis. AWS makes sure that they are on par with the world's fast-evolving IT advancement.

We receive constant updates and training from the AWS experts. Aside from that, we get endless support from their team. Our partnership with them guarantees our customers with updated software systems.

These include AI and expert systems, database anticipation, and security solutions.


We integrate all your database and information from the current system that you use. We also keep the algorithms and calculations that are already familiar to you. We transport them to a new system or the same old system.

Anything that suits your needs. There is no need to change your applications or adapt to a new one.

API And ERP Custom Application Development | LanewaysAgency

This ensures systematic and painless data conversions and analysis. These cloud-based services are quick and efficient. They improve your team's productivity and creativity.

They won't need to do repetitive tasks. They also assure transparency to both your team and customers.

Integrated Payment Solutions

We follow the rules and guidelines of the PCI DSS payment solutions. The system we use is open to almost all kinds of payment options available to your customers. You do not have to seek other payment facilities elsewhere.

We provide integration to all established payment channels. Some of them are Direct Debit, BPAY, EFTPOS. We also include instantaneous online payments all in one system.

They are accessible in a simple dashboard. We also connect them to the CRM applications that we have built for you.

We also present a more innovative payment solution known as Premium Funding. You can offer your customers monthly installment payments. But even so, using Premium Funding will allow you to receive payment in full.

You take no risks at all.

Our Process

As a development company, we apply the Agile and SCRUM Framework. They are a great help in our development services. The Agile and SCRUM Framework is software development. They are responsible for the delivery and sustainability of complex products and data. These systems help our teams work together hand-in-hand. They help in the development process of applications and custom software projects.

Our Process Custom Application Development | LanewaysAgency

We will apply the SCRUM Framework when working with us on a project. It will involve both our development team and your team. It requires openness, trust, and understanding when meeting with you.

It ensures productivity in custom application development. It will also provide perfect solutions for your business.

The SCRUM Framework also ensures credibility. We guarantee that we work with our clients in the utmost Transparency. Working with us and our team would be a hassle-free experience.

We keep you updated with regular and accurate project reports. The cost of our services is also handed to customers with a clear and concise pricing model. You always get what you pay for because we deliver.

Best of all, you are free to talk to your assigned Account Manager 7 days a week for support and other concerns.