Cloud Engines

We build what we call ‘Cloud Engines’ - software that takes information from your existing systems, runs algorithms (calculating complex commission structures or unique payroll calculations for example), and then pushes that result into the same or another system.

Think of Cloud Engines as a bridge over your lakes of data – it saves you from going around the long way or drowning in the data. These cloud based services are a fast, efficient way to free your staff from repetitive tasks, ensuring accuracy and transparency to the right people directly online.

Why not just replace the old systems?

With legacy (old) systems, this can be harder than it sounds. Over time, businesses develop processes around technologies. Changing systems may involve huge changes to your business. It's just not always the best or most practical decision.

So, if you have a technical problem that you can't solve of if you have been told you need a whole new system that will cost millions, then you should talk to Laneways.Agency first. We may save you those millions and solve your problems sooner than you thought possible. We have yet to turn down a mission of this sort because, in our very DNA, we just love a challenge.

Why should I choose Laneways.Agency?

  • Experience -No bragging but we solve complex problems, that others couldn't, everyday
  • Engagement - You are a part of the process (as much as you want) so your well placed to make informed decisions
  • Savings - our pricing model, 'fair pay + fair margins', means our clients generally save a lot on their budgets