Cloud Computing Services to Accelerate your Business Speed and Performance

The data size of apps, as well as general files, is increasing by the day. This means more and more information for your computing cloud service to scale and manage. Traditionally, all this would've been managed locally but now Cloud Computing is usually a far better solution.

Cloud computing is a software process by which an application, processing power, and storage are transmitted and computed through an online server. Instead of a user's local computer, the files are accessed and stored via a remote server and data center provided by a Cloud Solution Company. Much like an office for rent, users are able to keep their files online either on a free, freemium, or pay-as-you-go basis.

Uses and Examples of Cloud Computing

Examples of files and data that are stored in online servers are photos (Flickr, Photobucket), Email (Yahoo Mail, Gmail), Customer Relationship Management or CRM data, and video data (Netflix data under Amazon Web Services or AWS).

Instead of spending more on their own local servers to store important data, it is much secure and cost-effective for most companies to use of cloud computing services. In this way, they're able to focus more on their core business services. Instead of managing their own servers and software etc, their cloud computer storage functions would be assigned to a remote cloud provider.

For example, in 2016 Netflix migrated from its own local data hub to AWS cloud services following several embarrassing outages. That migration led to more customers as they were able to expand their data and systems exponentially. If you're looking to maximise your datum infrastructure's expansion and opportunities, then cloud computing is recommended.

Most top applications providers like Netflix have done it already.

Uses and Examples of Cloud Computing Cloud Computing | Laneways.Agency

Types of Cloud Services

Cloud Computing Advantages

Reduced Cost

If your company creates its own server hub, then there's a need for more maintenance in terms of 24/7 air conditioning, server frames, and on-site IT professionals to build in infrastructure. They need to be constantly on the lookout for crashes and attacks, or other issues your center may encounter. This is why relying on Cloud Computing Services for your company's data centers should mean fewer expenses and less headaches.

In most cases, you only need to pay for these elements for an all-in-one price.

Ensured Security

Cloud Providers are usually provide all security updates. Based on their policies, it is their responsibility to keep your datum secure. Since this is one of the core responsibilities, they have in place all the security measures required to take care of your data, infrastructure, and applications as threats evolve.

Global Scalability

Cloud Computing Services ensures the expandability of resources as and when your company needs them. With the latest accessible software and hardware implementations always available, you also get state of the art scalable bandwidth and storage. Best of all, all that usability and their benefits can be deployed all over the world, wherever you may be, almost instantly.

Utmost Speed and Performance

The best cloud services are equipped with the latest technological advancements in both software and hardware. They are updated by the second when there is a requirement. Great speed and performance are guaranteed.


When you have your own data center, your IT experts and other team members need to frame and rack all your servers and hardware. You also need to constantly update each of your software changes. These are all time-consuming and take a toll on your employee's productivity.

Cloud Computing Services can relinquish each of these hurdles so that your employees can focus on more important affairs of your business.

Start your Cloud Computing Agenda with Laneways.Agency

Laneways.Agency is an Information Technology company that provides Cloud Computing services, among other IT-related programs. We partner with the best cloud computing resources and providers, AWS, and Microsoft Azure. These are two of the best cloud computing companies with B2B customers always in mind.

They are up to date with the latest software and uses Artificial Intelligence solutions and Machine Learning technology to leverage the power of cloud-based development.

Start your Cloud Computing Agenda with LanewaysAgency Cloud Computing | Laneways.Agency

As an agency that utilizes what AWS and Microsoft Azure offer, Laneways.Agency is acquainted with each software and hardware update. Our IT team regularly receives training from their training teams. This training insures that we can provide for all your cloud computing needs, serviced by the most current and in demand software, technology and processes.

Ultimately, this ensures the best platform for your company's data and apps.

We provide complete computing cloud services that deploy to all private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud models. We always utilize the best cloud computing services for the benefit of your company.

Types of Cloud Computing

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Software as a Service (Saas) is the most basic form of cloud computing. It allows all users to access and take advantage of cloud service apps on the world wide web. Most of these apps are widely available and popular with non-IT people. Examples are Microsoft Office, Calendar, and Dropbox.

Laneways.Agency's SaaS services will provide both businesses and consumers scalable storage solutions. We regularly handle and manage security issues on both public cloud and private cloud ecosystems. For example, important technical policies regarding hardware and software are instantly updated because they run on the provider's datum hub.

Businesses can access these services to automatically run their software apps in the cloud computing center, such as cloud ERP.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a Service is a cloud computing service that enables IT companies to switch from hosting their own local servers to hosting their own remote cloud servers on the internet. This means companies can have full control over their servers without having to provide the local infrastructure, which also helps bring their stored apps and data to a whole new world market in real time.

Laneways.Agency deploys service IaaS, applying Microsoft Azure's ecosystem for businesses to easily build their own data infrastructure. Without the complicated footwork of everything related to their infrastructure, businesses can just rent out all the IaaS that they need.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Platform as a service (PaaS) is mostly for businesses to be able to develop cloud service apps such as SaaS. The PaaS includes cloud infrastructure, developmental tools and management machinery for cloud-based businesses to use. All these tools can be utilized by businesses as they run their own cloud systems that use public, hybrid, or private cloud.

Laneways.Agency deploys PaaS services so that our customers don't have problems with the complex management of their software and other infrastructures related to their own PaaS cloud app development.

Serverless Computing

If there is very little need in managing your business' servers, then you should deploy serverless computing. With this service, your team won't need to run the servers. The provider will be the one assigned to it. That way, your developing team can focus on more important tasks.

You can trust Laneways.Agency in the security, scalability, and overall maintenance of your servers. The cloud providers we work with are the best. They have all the computing resources needed for your app and business.

They could also manage and perfectly run your servers' code for your ease and protection.

Start your cloud computing program with Laneways.Agency Solutions. We work with only the best and can provide the most extensive solutions you can imagine.