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Digital is complicated… for some.

We have spent years developing our expertise in software and digital media. From building amazing software and websites, through to creating digital media content & campaigns that work, Laneways.Agency is focussed on getting to know our clients’ business model so we can help solve their problems.

The opportunity

We generate new clients through two main channels.

Firstly, most of our business comes from client referrals. We put a lot of emphasis on making sure our existing clients are happy.

Secondly, we have a team of independent minded people of awesomeness – no pressure. People just like you who want more freedom and better income. Some work part-time to free them up to do other things. We believe that everyone should be self empowered. However, not everyone can or wants to be.

We are looking for a good cultural fit. People who are ethical, client focussed and sincere. However, we are very selective about who is ready for this challenge.

Laneways.Agency teams are focused on client relationship building. Most of your clients will be medium-to-large sized businesses with good turnover who need professional software support. Maybe a new website that drives sales for their products & services, maybe a bespoke CRM system that cuts frustration & costs whilst opening new markets or profit centres. In short, we soothe our clients’ business pain points.

Who are we looking for?

Laneways.Agency team members come from all walks of life. There is no ‘type’ we are looking for but a cultural fit is important so let’s talk about that for a minute.

Laneways.Agency is built on a model of transparency and communication.

We use SCRUM methodology to inform much of our processes (from software development to client practices). For example, we use Jira for ticketing every task we undertake. Jira integrates SCRUM and AGILE methodologies, improving our service. This way, our clients are kept informed, at least weekly, of everything we are doing for them.

This is just one example of our transparent approach. We mention this because, if your instinct when the going gets tough is to lie or mislead, cover up and obfuscate then a Laneways.Agency is not for you. We work with our clients as team members.

Better still, our company culture is a happy, positive environment that encourages success for all. That’s why we have team members who work part-time too – lifestyle is valued.

They cannot take, our FREEDOM!

We do not seek to make you fit. Instead, we find this job attracts people who:

  • Are ethical
  • Are willing to back themselves
  • Want to be better rewarded for their efforts
  • Are willing to dedicate at least half of their week
  • Are people friendly and enjoy helping others
  • Have an interest in digital media and what technology can do for people and businesses
  • Are articulate and can write well – emails & phone calls are a big part of our day
  • Are willing to take the time to build a pipeline of contacts. It’s not hard but requires a steady perseverance.
  • Show natural sales and customer service aptitude

Of course, you are provided full training and support. Above all, your #1 responsibility is to build relationships of trust with businesses. To do this you spend time with them, assess their needs and then work on solutions together.

Would you like to learn more?

We focus strongly on skill building and will train you to manage your business affairs professionally. With our support, you can be up and running your own clients within weeks.