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Don't compromise on-off-the shelf software. Build your own, cloud based solution that will grow with you, with no obsolescence built in.

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Custom Software Development Services

Here at Laneways.Agency, custom software development services is one of specialties. The custom software and websites we create are tailored specifically to your needs and budgets, making it optimal and perfect for your businesses.

Custom application development is creating or designing a software that has specific functions and designs based on the certain needs and budget of the company creating it.

CRM or customer relationship management applications help you streamline the productivity of your business or organization, therefore optimizing your marketing strategies, sales and other customer-related datas.

API helps you manage interactions between applications, data and devices. API is important if you want a smooth flow between your business and customers.

Software testing services include investigating the quality of a certain software or product to make sure that whatever you spend on your software development is worth it.

Create a software that is specifically for your business. This type of software development focuses on the needs and budgets of a specific company.

Conveniently Connected with Our Cloud Development Services

The demand for cloud development has significantly increased over the years and Laneways.Agency is here to help you transition into a more convenient and smooth company experience with our cloud development services.

We provide services that help you manage and ensure that all applications that we create or you have created will run smoothly on cloud platforms.

Cloud ERP solutions will help you access ERP over the internet at a lower cost. ERP, or enterprise resource planning is a type of software that businesses use to manage activities within their company.

Have access to all your data storage, databases, software, networking and servers with cloud computing.

Install an AI in your machines or, a simulation in a machine or program that mimics humans and their rational thinking.

Makes use of AI that will allow the machine to have the ability to improve and learn from it’s own experiences, like humans, without having to be explicitly programmed for it.

Turn Digital Visions to Reality with our Web Services and Digital Solutions

In this time, where technology is developing at increasing speeds, you need to be able to take advantage of everything it has to offer, including mobile applications. Laneways.Agency takes mobile applications to the next level and deliver high quality mobile apps and a friendly experience for all your iOS, android and cross-platform needs.

We prioritize Quality with our Mobile Application Development Services

Our Mobile application development services are like no other. We pride ourselves not only over the quality of the applications we create, but also its adaptability to different devices, it’s seamless interface and user friendly functions.

Create an application that can be easily accessed through the app store with a guarantee that it would be listed on top of similar applications.

Create android applications available on google play, vivo store or any other android store that is compatible with android devices.

Ipad versions of your ios applications will also be available for download on the app store as the applications we create are compatible with any ios device.

This type of app development creates apps that can contain tutorials, plans and even databases for your employees.

Get your leads rolling in with a Stunning website

Creating a digital landscape that draws customers and leads in is important for any business that wants to grow. Here at Laneways.Agency, we create a stunning and fast-performing website for you with a seamless design and user-friendly interface that will guarantee growth in foot traffic and audience engagement.

Have a sleek, friendly and seamless website design for your business that is easy to navigate and attractive without having to do any of the work or coding yourself.

Developing your own website can be hard especially if it is not in your area of expertise.This is why you should hire experts like us to do it for you, not only will it guarantee success but you will also be able to have full control over it.

Unlock new business opportunities using a tailor-made eCommerce solutions!

While wordpress is known to be easy to use, it is always better and more beneficial if you let experts like us help you to guarantee that you get the most out of your wordpress site.

All the web designs that we create are patterned and optimized to be responsive and user-friendly.

Our website designs are compact enough to easily adjust to different mobile screens and settings.

Target, engage and expand your customer reach with Digital Marketing Services

With the broadness of the internet, and it’s continuous expansions across different platforms it is hard to leave a mark that lasts. With digital marketing services, easily make a mark of your own that pulls customers in from different parts of the internet.

Utilize search engine optimization services that guarantee a boost in traffic and increase its visibility in search engines like bing and google.

Developing your own website can be hard especially if it is not in your area of expertise.This is why you should hire experts like us to do it for you, not only will it guarantee success but you will also be able to have full control over it.

Pay per click advertisements not only guarantee a return on investment, it also helps expand customer reach and drive in foot traffic on your websites.

Publishing, writing or creating relatable and engaging content that will generate leads and pull in customers.

Video Production

Produce high quality video content that showcases your businesses and company. It is a powerful tool that guarantees engagement with your target market.

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Laneways.Agency is a premium Software Development Agency. We have strong experience helping companies bogged down by legacy systems, such as Aged Care and Insurance. Our expertise is in understanding highly complex industries and business models, then translating that knowledge into innovative software solutions. Everyday, we build the tools and innovate the solutions businesses need in order to stay current, achieve business goals and operate with vastly reduced administrative burdens.

About us

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